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By Laurie Mulka, D.D.S.
May 17, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

How dental implants from your Redford dentist can improve your smiledental implants

If you are missing teeth, you may already be wearing a denture or you may have thought about dental implants. You need to consider a new, innovative treatment to complete your smile; it’s called mini-implants! This revolutionary new implant procedure can restore your smile to greatness. Dr. Laurie Mulka in Redford, MI, wants to share the facts about how mini-implants may save your teeth and your smile.

Mini-implants have several advantages over conventional full implants. Consider:

  • Mini-implants are usually far less expensive than full implants
  • Mini-implants can be placed in one visit, saving you time and money
  • Mini-implants are less invasive because they don’t require a surgical flap procedure or sutures

Like full implants, mini-implants can replace a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, and can also support a denture.

Dr. Mulka can discuss whether mini-implants are the right choice for you, or whether you should consider full implants. Full implants require more of a healing period before an implant crown can be placed, but the result is amazing!

When you compare dental implants to conventional methods of tooth replacement like bridges, partials or dentures, you will find that dental implants are:

  • Stable, because they are embedded in bone and won’t move around
  • Natural looking, because they look and feel just like your existing teeth
  • Convenient, because you brush and floss them just like your natural teeth

Your dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care, and they won’t ever stain or decay, giving you a lifetime of beautiful smiles. Unlike dentures or partials, implants don’t put pressure on your jaw, which helps to conserve bone, giving you a firm jawline and more youthful face.

Mini-implants and full implants can save your teeth and your smile. You deserve your best smile, and you can achieve it with dental implants. For more information about mini-implants and full implants, call Dr. Mulka in Redford, MI. Protect your smile and your self-confidence by calling today!