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By Laurie Mulka, D.D.S.
January 25, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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Your Redford, MI dentist knows how to preserve and protect your smile with this cosmetic treatment.

While losing a permanent tooth can be overwhelming and stressful, your Redford, MI, cosmetic dentist Dr. Laurie Mulka offers a variety of options that can cater to anyone’s smile, budget and lifestyle. Learn the many benefits that getting dental crowns and bridges will Crownsoffer you and your smile.

 What are the benefits of opting for crowns and bridges?

If you are dealing with tooth loss, getting a dental bridge-- an oral appliance fixed to your teeth that uses an artificial tooth and two dental crowns--can be one of the easiest and least expensive options available to replace your missing tooth, and is particularly beneficial for those in Redford, MI with weak or damaged teeth.

  • Dental bridges can fill the gap where your missing tooth once was to restore your smile and improve your overall appearance.

  • With a brand new smile you better believe that your self-confidence in your smile will also increase. Smiling offers a variety of benefits, and with your new dental bridge you’ll certainly find yourself smiling more.

  • Since a dental bridge is fixed you won’t have to deal with removing it to clean it, like you would with dentures. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry that your dental bridges will move around your slip out while talking or chewing.

  • Dental bridges are surprisingly durable and with the proper care can last a rather long time; however, just as with any oral appliance you will need a replacement at some point. That’s why you should continue to see your Redford cosmetic dentist, Dr. Mulka, every six months for routine care and cleanings.

  • The procedure is less time-consuming or invasive than other tooth replacement options like dental implants. In only two visits you can get dental bridges versus waiting up to a year to fully get dental implants.

If you are ready to transform your smile, then contact your Redford, MI cosmetic dentist, Dr. Laurie Mulka, to schedule a consultation. Let’s find out if a dental bridge could get you a more beautiful smile.