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By Laurie Mulka, D.D.S.
December 02, 2015
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It’s important to know all about dentures so you won’t be surprised by your new dental restoration.

Interested in getting dentures from your Redford, MI cosmetic dentist Dr. Laurie Mulka but not sure what to expect? That’s okay; we are here to help! Here are some of the most popular questions about dentures answered:Dentures

Q. What are complete and partial dentures?

A. Dentures are dental prosthetics that are designed by your cosmetic dentist Dr. Mulka in Redford to quickly and easily replace missing teeth. Specialty dentures are custom-made to fit your mouth and offer a set of teeth that look just like real thing. Partial dentures are used to replace only a few missing teeth while complete dentures are recommended for patients with total tooth loss.

Q. Will wearing dentures feel weird at first?

A. As with any new dental work it will take a little time to get used to wearing dentures. Your smile may feel a little bulky and large at first, but this feeling will go away after a couple of weeks of wearing them. You may also notice an increase in saliva. This will also lessen over the first couple of days.

The best advice for new denture wearers is to wear them every day once you first get them so that you get acclimated as quickly as possible.

Q. Will speaking or eating be affected by my new smile?

A. Since dentures will position your tongue differently than natural teeth you may notice a slight whistling sound when talking. But be aware that patients do become accustomed to speaking and eating with their new dental prosthetics.

Some patients may find that they adjust to their new dentures fairly quickly when it comes to eating while it could take a couple months for others. Any hard biting with the front teeth may be more difficult, and certain foods (e.g. a whole apple) may still pose challenging even once you’ve mastered your new smile.

Q. How can I make eating easier on my dentures?

A. By cutting up foods into smaller pieces and chewing with the sides of the mouth rather than biting down with the front teeth, you can make eating with dentures much easier. Start slowly by eating a diet that mostly contains soft foods and then starting to incorporate tougher, harder foods into the mix.

Also, before going out to eat it’s not a bad idea to eat some of your favorite foods in the comfort of your own home so you can master your dentures before going out in public.

Q. Are sore spots normal when wearing dentures?

A. Within the first couple weeks of getting your dentures, they will start to settle a bit into your mouth. This can cause uneven pressure and sore spots. If the soreness is persistent or unbearable talk to your dentist in Redford, who can easily adjust them for you for a better fit.

If you think dentures could be the best restoration for your toothless smile then it’s time you talked to Dr. Mulka in Redford about your treatment options. Schedule your consultation today.