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By Laurie Mulka, D.D.S.
October 18, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
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Specialty and partial dentures from your dentist in Livonia, MI also serving Redford, MI, can give you back your smile.

Dental implants are amazing, and if you have lost teeth or wear a denture, they can help restore your smile permanently. Dental implants are tooth replacements that can stand alone or support a denture, giving your smile the stability and beauty you deserve.

Dr. Laurie Mulka of Mulka Dental in Livonia, MI also serving Redford, MI, provides a wide range of dental services including specialty and partial dentures to give you back your smile.

Implant-supported dentures begin with the placement of 4 to 6 dental implants. The implants screws are placed in your jaw, and bone fills in and fuses with the dental implants. Over time, the dental implants will become firmly anchored in bone.

After the implants are completely stable, a beautiful, natural-looking, custom denture is snapped in place over the dental implants. Compared to a conventional denture, a denture supported by implants offers many important advantages. Consider that dental implants:

  • Help conserve and maintain the bone in your jaw- when you have more bone, it helps you keep full facial contours and volume, the hallmarks of a younger-looking face.
  • Help maintain the stability of your denture- dental implants provide a supportive foundation, so your denture never moves around.
  • Help create a more natural look- the specialty denture that is placed over the dental implants is made of natural-looking materials that closely resemble tooth enamel.

Dental implants can provide:

  • A supportive foundation for a full denture, if you have lost all of your teeth
  • A supportive foundation for a partial denture, if you have lost several teeth
  • Excellent tooth replacement if you have lost a single tooth or multiple teeth

If you are missing teeth, discover how dental implants can help you and your smile. To learn more about specialty, partial, and implant-supported dentures in Livonia, MI, and how they can give you back your smile, call Dr. Mulka of Mulka Dentalalso serving Redford, MI. You can reach us at (248) 482-7020 now!

Does your smile have imperfections? Most of us have something that we would like to change about our smiles. Cosmetic dentistry in Livonia, MI, from Dr. Laurie Mulka of Mulka Dental also serving Redford, MI, makes this possible.

You can completely transform your smile with cosmetic dentistry and even improve your oral health. These are a few of the most popular treatments we offer:

Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is one of the easiest ways to transform your smile. With in-office whitening, your smile can get up to 8 shades lighter in an hour or less.

You can also get the same great results in the comfort of your own home with take-home whitening trays that are custom-made for your smile by your dentist. At-home treatments require several sessions over the course of a few weeks.

Professional teeth whitening is safer and more effective than over-the-counter options from your local drugstore.

Dental Bonding

Bonding is an inexpensive way to improve the appearance of your tooth. Bonding can fix small chips, cracks, or discolorations. Dental bonding is a tooth-colored resin material that is applied to the surface of your tooth. It is then cured with a special light and can be reshaped or cut down to the perfect size. Bonding can even lengthen a short tooth or close small gaps between teeth.

Dental Veneers

Veneers are thin shells that cover the fronts of your teeth. They are as thin as a fingernail but are very effective in hiding imperfections. They can fix chips, cracks, stains, crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, and misshapen teeth. Dental veneers can change your entire smile in a short period of time, unlike other solutions like orthodontic treatments.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Livonia, MI, also serving Redford, MI,

If you are ready to explore your cosmetic dentistry options in Livonia, MI, also serving Redford, MI, call Dr. Mulka of Mulka Dental at (248) 482-7020 to schedule an appointment today.

By Laurie Mulka, D.D.S.
July 27, 2021
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are affected by tooth loss, crowns and bridgework can restore your smile by filling in the gaps where teeth are missing. Filling in those gaps also restores biting and chewing functions, and helps minimize some of the side effects of tooth loss. If you’re interested in restoring your smile with crowns and bridges in Redford, MI, Dr. Laurie Mulka, the skilled dentist at Mulka Dental in Livonia, MI, can help.

Dental Crowns and Bridges

A dental bridge is an appliance for filling in the gaps where teeth are missing. Bridges contain artificial teeth called pontics that fit into the empty spaces where teeth are missing. The bridge is securely held in place with dental crowns that fit over natural teeth, often referred to as abutment teeth, on either side of the gap being filled. Alternatively, the crowns can also be attached to dental implants instead of being placed over existing teeth.

The crowns and pontics along a dental bridge both look and function like natural teeth. Once in place, your new bridgework will readily blend in with the rest of your smile. Visit Mulka Dental for crowns and bridges in Redford, MI.

How Crowns and Bridgework Help

Crowns and bridgework can help your smile in several ways. Tooth loss affects the appearance of your smile by leaving large gaps in it. The function is also affected when there are not enough teeth to easily bite and chew food. Having fewer teeth also means there is an excess strain on the remaining ones as they compensate for teeth that are missing. Bridgework anchored in place with crowns restores both beauty and function to your smile.

Tooth loss also leads to numerous unwanted side effects, but crowns and bridgework can help. The teeth perform many functions beyond biting and chewing food. They also provide support for facial muscles, which can sag when teeth are missing. The teeth also guide the tongue when speaking, which is why speech often changes following tooth loss. Replacing missing teeth with crowns and bridges helps minimize or reverse these unwanted side effects.

Crowns and bridgework can do many things for your smile, including restoring both beauty and function. For crowns and bridges in Redford, MI, schedule an appointment with Dr. Mulka by calling Mulka Dental in Livonia, MI, at (248) 482-7020.

By Laurie Mulka, D.D.S.
April 22, 2021
Category: Oral Health
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Dental implants are versatile replacement teeth with several benefits over other tooth replacement options. Dr. Laurie Mulka of Mulka Dental in Livonia, MI, also serving Redford, MI, can help you complete your smile with dental implants.

Dental Implants Look Natural

Their construction and installation process make dental implants almost identical to your natural teeth. They are pretty versatile. So, whether you're replacing a single tooth or several teeth, you can be comfortable knowing that people won't know that these aren't your natural teeth when you smile or speak.

Dental Implants Are Secure

Have you ever seen someone's dentures fall out while they're eating or speaking?

Dental implants can save you from ever experiencing that embarrassing situation. To install your dental implants, your dentist, Dr. Mulka, will insert a titanium post into your jaw bone which secures the implant.

Titanium is excellent because it's biocompatible and you don't have to worry about your body rejecting your implant.

They Stimulate Your Jaw

When you lose teeth, your jaw bone loses stimulation. Other teeth replacement options like dental bridges and dentures don't stimulate your jaw bone as your natural teeth did. Over time, the jaw bone begins to erode which could affect your face structure resulting in facial sagging.

Dental implants with their roots fixed to your jaw stimulate it as your natural teeth did. This stimulation helps prevent bone loss and encourages natural bone growth.

They Can Last a Lifetime

Once you get your dental implants, they are typically hassle-free. You might need to replace the teeth caps when they chip or every 15 years. Otherwise, they can last for a lifetime.

This benefit places dental implants over other tooth replacement options such as dentures and dental bridges that need replacing after 10 to 15 years of use.

Low Maintenance

You can care for dental implants like you do your natural teeth. Brush and floss regularly for healthy teeth and gums. Visiting Mulka Dental in Livonia, MI, also serving Redford, MI, every six months to check on your natural teeth and implants should be part of your dental routine.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of dental implants for your oral health, contact your Livonia, MI, dentist, Dr. Mulka of Mulka Dental also serving Redford, MI, at (248) 482-7020 to set up an appointment.

By Laurie Mulka, D.D.S.
January 27, 2021
Category: Oral Health

The Importance Of Preventive Care Visits.

If you can't quite remember the last time you saw your dentist, or you did so because of a last-minute dental problem, it may be time to consider making time for preventive care visits. Most major dental health concerns can be prevented if caught early enough, and that starts with regular dental checkups. To learn more get in contact with your Livonia, MI, family dentist Dr. Laurie Mulka of Mulka Dental.


Preventive care is about providing treatments today that will help prevent more invasive, and often more costly, treatments in the future.

For example, if your dentist can spot and fill a cavity early you can avoid a root canal procedure later on. Or even a possible extraction if the decay is allowed to progress.

Situations like this typically occur when we wait to see our dentist only until discomfort brings us back into the office. Pain, however, is usually an indicator that something has already gone wrong. This is why regular visits are important so that dental problems won't catch us by surprise, and they aren't limited to decay. Your doctor also examines your bite, your gum health, and other areas of concern.


Important also to preventive care is dental hygiene. Much of it begins at home with daily brushing and flossing, but your good dental habits should include a professional cleaning.

These are generally part of your preventive care visits. They can help remove built-up plaque and tartar and work in tandem with all the work you do at home.

Plaque builds daily on our teeth and the bacteria that call it home are responsible for decay and gum disease. The acids they produce as a result of feasting on the sugars we consume wears away the enamel on our teeth and damages our gums. Because of the minerals in our saliva, the plaque that remains turns into tartar, which can only be removed during a cleaning in your dentist's office.

Preventive Care Visits in Livonia, MI

Don't wait another minute, make your dental health a priority by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Mulka of Mulka Dental in Livonia, MI, by dialing (248) 482-7020.

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